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Hymns Revived

The new album by Philip Wade!

1. O Worship The King
2. Victory In Jesus
3. Take My Life And Let It Be
4. O Sacred Head Now Wounded
5. I Am Resolved
6. Leaning
7. Amazed
8. Stand Up
9. It Is Well

The Philippian Fragment

1. We Are The Church
2. I’m So Glad
3. You Gotta Have Money
4. God Use Hands
5. What About the Word?
6. Happy Romans
7. Born Again
8. Somewhere
9. When You Dance In Heaven
10. How Will People Remember Me?
11. Make Us Worthy

The M.G. Rhyming Revue

1. Be Quick
2. Everybody’s Got to Get Their Own
3. Don’t Be Afraid
4. Nothing More Than This
5. Old Woman
6. Peter
7. Piggies
8. Wake Up!
9. You Can’t Unbreak an Egg
10. Only the Memories

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The Pied Piper, the Musical (in progress)

If I Can’t Reach You
The Piper Overture 3

more to come…

Orchestral Works

The Piper Overture
The Road Home
Fanfare – A Tribute to John Williams

Classical Guitar

America, The Beautiful
The Star Spangled Banner
My Country ‘Tis of Thee

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Album Reviews

‘This Lamp’ Blog
The M.G. Rhyming Revue is a studio-produced, eclectic collection of songs based on nursery rhymes aimed more at adults than children. That’s not to say that children wouldn’t like these songs, but it will take an adult with life experience to fully appreciate them…. While many of the songs are fun, don’t mistake this album as a collection of nursery rhyme spoofs. This is not “Weird Al Takes on Mother Goose,” but a rather a clever attempt to take something from our distant fond memories and combine it with the realities of life.

Kathy Mansfield, Simpsonville, Kentucky
I will never think of “Jack Be Nimble” or “Jack and Jill” quite the same way after listening to Philip Wade’s fabulous new compilation of songs based on popular nursery rhymes. Themes of forgiveness, love, and redemption are just some of what you will hear in this accomplished work. Rock solid harmonies and catchy melodies make this CD a must-have for Sunday afternoon car rides and family fun nights. Great life lessons can be learned while you sing along. I found myself singing these songs in the shower, in the car, and at work long after the CD was put away. I guarantee you will do the same!

Al Bohl, Bossier City, Louisiana
Philip, I have been listening every day to the CD. I am very, very impressed! You are the master of melodies and solid hooks. These songs are deep and the more you listen, the more you are hooked. The chorus and melody for Little Miss Muffet is stuck in my head. Bravo!